The 7 Best Water Balloon Games to Play This Summer

Playing with water balloons

Water Balloons and Summer, the perfect pairing! We recently purchased a big bag of water balloons and were looking for some actual fun games to play instead of just having a water balloon fight.

We jumped online and found a bunch of games which people said were fun, but guess what? Most of them were either impossible to play or were just plain dull and we grew bored.

Don’t worry though, we actually went through and found a few that were fun and child friendly! We found seven of the best water balloon games in total that were great to play and here they are.

Our Top Water Balloon Games & Activities

1. Tag

A twist on the old favorite, tag is great exercise for the kids, it develops quick thinking, balance and is great for burning off energy.

You will need. 2 or more players, water balloons and preferably lots of open space to run around in.

How to play. Choose one player to be “It”, that player then tries to hit any other player by throwing a water balloon. If any other player is hit then they become “It” and they in turn try to hit any other player.

The game continues for as long as you like.

2. Hot Potato

Here’s a fun game not to mention much wetter version of the classic “Hot Potato” game. We dunked our balloons in a bucket of warm soapy water once they were full and that made them a lot more slippery and challenging to play with.

You will need. 4 or more players, water balloons and some music.

How to play. Get everyone playing to sit in a circle. Begin passing a water balloon around the circle. Start playing some music and then, at random times, turn off the music. Whoever is left holding the water balloon after the music stops or whoever pops it as it goes around the circle is out.  The last person left in the game is the winner.

You can add extra balloons into the circle as the number of players increases. This makes it more fun as the players aren’t just waiting for the same old balloon to slowly make its way around the circle.

3. Spoon Race

Just like the traditional egg and spoon game but instead of an egg use a water balloon for an added splash factor. The water balloon is quite a bit bigger than an egg so it makes it a lot more challenging.

You will need. Two or more players, metal/wooden spoons and some water balloons. Make sure you dont full them up too much as you still want them to fit on the spoon.

How to play. Each player places a water balloon on a spoon and runs/walks to a set finish line. First player to reach the finish line with their balloon intact wins. To mix it up and make it harder you can make this a relay game between two or more teams.

4. Back to Back Race

A great team building game sure to provide laughter and splash, this is one of our favorite fun water balloon games.

You will need. Two or more players and water balloons.

How to play. Pair up the players and get them to stand back to back. Try and pair people of similar heights as this makes the game easier to play.  Place a  full water balloon between the backs of the players.

The pairs of players now race to a set finish line with the water balloons still between their backs. The aim of the game is to finish first without breaking or dropping the water balloon.

5. Water Balloon Toss

A favorite at birthday parties and bbqs. The water balloon toss requires skill at both passing and catching. It’s actually quite a hard game and isn’t really suitable for smaller kids who are still developing their coordination.

You will need. Two or more players and some water balloons

How to play. Form two lines facing each other with a gap between the two lines Take turns throwing a water balloon across to your partner on the opposite side, they’ll try and catch it and then throw it back to you. The winner is the last team who doesn’t drop and pop their water balloon.

6. Darts

Suitable for older kids 10+ and above.

You will need. One or more players, water balloons, marker, darts, pen and dart board or target.

How to play. Using a pin attach various water balloons to a dart board or target. Assign a number to each balloon (20,40,50,100) use a marker to draw the number on the balloon. Take turns with three darts and see who can hit the balloons and accumulate the highest score. 

7. Yo-yo

Ideal for the whole family, this fun water based yoyo game will challenge everyone and is really hard!

You will need. One or more players, rubber bands, water balloons.

How to play. Cut a rubber band in half and attach it to the end of a full water balloon. Pull the rubber band up and down moving the balloon like a yo yo. The winner is the last person left with an unbroken full balloon. Try different tricks and see how good you can get, this is a great water balloon games for kids

Safety Tips when playing with Water Balloons

Water Balloons are normally attractive bright colors. This is great and adds to a fun atmosphere but be aware. When they pop they leave tiny bits of plastic, this can be dangerous to both toddlers and animals alike, they’re attracted to the color and may put them in their mouths and choke!Be a tidy host and pick them up when you’re finished, you can even make a game out of it.

Are Water Balloons Different From Regular Balloons? 

Yes. Water Balloons are quite a bit smaller and are made from a thinner material. This means they pop a lot easier which in turn means more fun.

Written by Shane O'Connor

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