37 Simon Says Game Ideas & Commands (And How To Play)

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Do you remember playing Simon Says when you were younger? A classic childhood game, up there with tag and hide and go seek.

Our complete guide will refresh your memory on how to play this age old classic with your children. We’ll be running over the basic rules, give you some tips on how to be an engaging Simon and finally we’ll offer some commands to get you started no matter what the age level of the players involved.

How To Play Simon Says

Okay lets dive straight into the rules and jog that memory of yours!

Select one of the players in your group to be Simon. Simon’s job is to give the other players instructions. The players job is to follow any instruction Simon gives as long as it starts with the words “Simon Says”

If any of the players fails to follow Simon’s instructions then they are out and sit down. The game continues until there is only one player left standing listening to Simon’s instructions.

That player is the winner and becomes the new Simon.

Lets take a look at an example.

Fiona is chosen to be Simon. The others players listen as Fiona says “Simon says clap your hands.” The players all clap their hands.

The most important thing to remember is only follow instructions that begin with the words “Simon Says”

So to expand on that last point, here’s an example of how you can add more complexity to the game.

Michael is chosen to be Simon. The other players listen as Michael says “Simon says scratch your nose” the players all scratch their noses.

Michael then says “Simon says jump up and down.” The players begin to jump. Michael then says “stop!”

Three of the players stop and three of the player continue jumping. Who is right and who is wrong? Who has to sit down and who gets to continue playing?

Well Michael played a trick. Michael said “stop” he didn’t say “Simon says stop.” So all the players that kept jumping were correct and continue playing. The players that stopped jumping are out and now sit down.

How to be a great Simon

When it’s your turn to be Simon you can take the game to the next level and get people really excited to play. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Vary the speed and delivery

Mix up the delivery of your commands to keep players guessing and engaged in the game!

Don’t give your instructions to players using the same voice speed every time. Instead try giving commands really quickly then swap to normal speed then back to fast.

Try giving some commands in a funny voice

Give two or three commands in a row really fast and make sure the players follow the correct sequence to stay in the game.

Know Your Audience

Give instructions that are appropriate for the other players to carry out. For example don’t say “Simon says break dance” if you’re playing with elderly players or “Simon says pull your hair” if playing with bald players.

Always be respectful and kind when you’re Simon.

Add Some Challenge

Use language and other little tricks to make the game more challenging and fun.

try using unusual words or ways of giving instructions. For example “Simon says touch something made from wood” or “Simon says touch your Cranium” instead of “Simon says touch your head”

Make it fun and educational!

37 Commands for Simon Says

  • Simon says moo like a cow
  • Simon says clap your hands with this beat (demonstrate handclap)
  • Simon says touch your front teeth
  • Simon says do starjumps
  • Simon says move like a robot
  • Simon says pull a funny face
  • Simon says beep like a car
  • Simon says touch your left ear with your right hand
  • Simon says pretend to score a touchdown
  • Simon says do a long fake laugh
  • Simon says hop up and down on one foot
  • Simon says play air guitar
  • Simon says flex your biceps
  • Simon says curl your fingers and toes
  • Simon says put your left hand on your left knee
  • Simon says high five the people next to you
  • Simon says hold up six plus two fingers
  • Simon says sing a song
  • Simon says run up and down on the spot
  • Simon says stay absolutely still and don’t move a muscle
  • Simon says touch something colorful
  • Simon says stand on a chair
  • Simon says touch your toes
  • Simon says do push ups
  • Simon says baaa like a sheep
  • Simon says pretend to fall over
  • Simon says split into three equal groups
  • Simon says hug yourself
  • Simon says do a fake yawn
  • Simon says whisper your name
  • Simon says yell your name
  • Simon says pretend to be asleep
  • Simon says touch your belly button
  • Simon says pull your socks up as high as they can go
  • Simon says crawl up into a little ball
  • Simon says climb your pretend ladder
  • Simon says act like a superhero

Simon Says a Game For all Ages

Haha see what we did there? Simon says is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. However if playing with toddlers or young children there are some small matters to consider.


Simon says for toddlers is great fun. Just remember to keep the instructions simple and the fun levels high. We recommend you make it all about the actions and fun rather than make it competitive.

Some example instructions when playing the game with toddlers.

  • Simon says touch your head
  • Simon says touch your nose
  • Simon says touch your tummy

Simon says for children

Remember the older the child is the more complex and active you can make the game. Make the game interesting by adding variations in speed and requests, remember Michael’s trick from before?

Simon Says For Adults

Endless opportunities for fun with this one. Every one has a different definition of fun so i won’t attempt to give examples but think funny, rude and outrageous. As always the same principle applies….

Have as much fun as possible!

Feel free to drop any good Simon says commands in the comments section below and i’ll add them to the list.

Written by Shane O'Connor

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