15 Koi Pond Design Ideas For The Backyard

Water can be a powerful tool when it comes to backyard design. A popular way many people use to incorporate water into their garden design is to create a Koi pond. Koi ponds are a great way of creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere in your backyard.

To help get you started take a look at these unique Koi pond designs ideas and spark some inspiration.

1.Retro Bathtub Pond

Why not use old materials like a claw foot bathtub to liven up your garden.

Fish need space to be happy and healthy so be sure not to overcrowd the tub and only add a few fish so they have plenty of room to swim around.

This bathtub makes for a quirky, cool koi pond design . The best thing of all is that you can pretty much guarantee it’s watertight!

2. Corner Pond Design

There’s something nice and tidy about a corner koi pond design. Plus, tucking your pond into the corner of the garden is a great way to conserve space.

Enjoy this beautiful water feature without it getting in the way. Plus, when it comes to mowing the lawn you’ll only have to make sure the edges are nicely clipped on one side.

3. Fish Tower Pond

This impressive inverted aquarium makes for an unbelievably decorative koi pond design.

It’s basically an upside down fish tank inside your pond that functions because of atmospheric pressure.

No more struggling to see through murky waters to catch a glimpse of your fish.

4. Lotus Flower Koi Pond

The Lotus flower koi pond design takes a bit of pre-planning because the roots need to be dug into the soil below so that the flowers and leaves can float on the waters surface.

Used typically in Asian cultures these plants love sun and not only are they beautiful but they’re edible too!

5. Minimalist Koi Pond Design

Typically, minimalist koi pond designs have straight edges and very little plant life when compared to the more traditional koi pond styles.

This sleek and modern design is unique and unlike any other.

6. Natural Filtration Pond

Use bog gravel to create a natural filtration system in your koi pond.

No need for pumps or filters just let the plants and other pond life live happily and harmoniously as nature intended.

it’s important not to overcrowd a naturally filtered koi pond and also essential that you don’t over feed your fish. This is because natural filtration takes longer than a pump would, so you need to allow time for nature to do it’s thing.

7. Oriental Style Koi Pond

Create your very own Chinese garden. This style has evolved over three thousands years, traditionally built to represent the harmonious relationship that should exist between humans and nature.

Traditionally plants used include Bamboo, Bonsai and Lotus Flowers but other aquatic plants and shrubs can be planted too to create this unique effect.

8. Ornamental Paved Pond

The paving around your koi pond can be just as pleasing to the eye as the pond life itself.

Choose materials that provide a variety of colors and textures to create a unique paving design that will really make your koi pond stand out.

Broken paving, plants, mosaic tiles and pebbles are just some examples of easy to source materials you could use.

9. Paved Pond

The best thing about this koi pond design is that you can put your garden furniture right next to the pond.

Entertain guests and enjoy romantic dinners by the water with this smart and functional design.

10. Pond Below Deck

Enjoy the sound of running water while you sit above deck and stare at the fish below. This design idea will have you feeling as though you live on a riverboat.

You can even install stepping stones to allow you to hop to another part of the backyard.

11. Koi Pond Surrounded by Ornamental Plants

The best feature of the pond isn’t always the fish, sometimes the plants can be just as appealing. Why not surround your pond with ornamental plants to make your garden feel like a jungle.

it’s best to choose hardy plants that require as little maintenance as possible such as Hibiscus or Lillie’s.

12. Rock Pool Design

In nature rock pools act as a natural aquarium. When the tide goes out sea life is left behind between the rocks and if you’re lucky you’ll get a glimpse of what lives in the sea beneath.

With this kio pond design you’ll be able to create the same effect in your own back garden. Not only will you be able to see your fish and plants but you can also use a mix of colorful rocks to add a bit of variety.

13. Rock Slab Pond

Create an edgy Flintstones feel with this original pond design. Layering rock slabs around the outer edge of your pond will make the place look so rustic that you’ll forget you’re in your ow back yard.

You can also stack the rock slabs to create a beautiful waterfall feature.

14. Teardrop Shaped Pond

The key to a unique pond design is planning so get your sketch book out and play around with different shapes.

This Teardrop shaped pond will create a unique garden landscape. Just be sure to think about the size and angle of the curves before you get started so you’ll have a realistic idea of how this design will fit into your back yard.

15. Waterfall Pond

Why not make a waterfall the main feature. Your koi pond waterfall idea doesn’t have to be Niagara falls. Even the smallest of waterfalls will have a tranquil and calming effect.

Although it may take some work to engineer the structure and mechanics of this feature the finished product will be totally worth it!

Written by Jenny Harland

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