24 of the Best Tree House Ideas Out There

treehouse ideas

1. Tree House With Window Feature Wall

Ever considered using second hand materials to build your tree house? Better yet why not up-cycle a bunch of old framed windows and create an awesome feature wall that allows the sun light to pour in.

2. Twig Tunnel Tree House

Weave some twigs and bark together to create an unique, twisted and mythical entrance . Be sure to use strong rope and wood glue to tie the structure together tightly, you want your tree house design to be safe and secure.

3. Bohemian Tepee Tree House

This basic structure can either be used for a stand alone hutt or nestled in the trees as a tree house. Use materials like bamboo and grass reeds to create that boho feel.

4. The Boathouse

The best thing about using an old boat as a tree house is that the design is already sorted for you. The biggest challenge is securing the structure.

The down side is that boats are heavy so you’ll need to reinforce the boat when attaching it to the trees. Try using a wooden beam, the beam in addition to the tree branches will hold the weight of the boat up and keep it nice and sturdy.

5. Castle in the Sky

This awesome tree house idea has a fairy tale theme. Although architecturally it’s a little more complex than some of the other tree house designs, the end result will be totally worth it and the kids won’t be able to stay away.

6. Tree House with Climbing Wall

Traditionally tree houses are accessed by ladder. Those days are gone, why not install a climbing wall instead. This tree house idea will keep the kids entertained for hours and the exercise is good for developing bodies.

7. Glass Dome Tree House

This unforgettable tree house design is built around the tree trunk instead of on top of the tree. The transparent plastic window panes create natural light and the futuristic dome style and will make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie

8. Curtain Front Tree House

Enjoy the benefits of constant airflow by replacing your front wall with drapes. You won’t need to install a front door which means the structure of this tree house is simple and easy to build.

Open up the drapes when you want full sun and close them for privacy. Be sure to use heavy, waterproof drapes that will stay strong whatever the weather.

9. A Tree House Inside a Tree

This tree house is unlike any other, it is quite literally a house that is a tree! It’s more a home for gnomes than people but will make a brilliant feature piece in your garden.

10. Log Cabin Tree House

Make your backyard feel like a forest with this log cabin design. Thatch the roof with bamboo or twigs to finish the look. It will make you feel like your living during the medieval age.

11. Tree House Made from Wooden Crates

This impressive tree house idea cost very little to make but doesn’t look cheap at all. Break up old wooden crates to build your tree house, a mix of colors and textures will make it more interesting on the eye.

12. Multi Storey Tree House

Why have one room when you can have two? Although this tree house design may seem complex it’s really just two simple structures joined together by stairs. Easy peasy.

13. Tree House with Adjustable Sides

This basic structure is easy to build. The sides open out to provide airflow and light but can be closed during the winter months to avoid damp.

14. Open Top Tree House

Lie down and stare at the stars in this open top tree house. This tree house has a sliding door installed in the roof to protect you from the rain and so you can shut it when it’s not being used.

15. Cottage Treehouse

We love this quaint little tree house design. Like a fairy tale cottage in your own back yard.

16. Pavilion Tree House

How about a tree house looks a but like band stand. This hexagon shaped structure stands out from the crowd and is easy on the eye.

17. Pod Tree House with Net Entrance

This wooden, round, pod style tree house is modern and sleek. It’s being held up by two trees with one wooden beam in to reinforce the structure. Unlike most tree houses this design uses netting instead of a ladder.

18. Simple Tree House

Building a tree house doesn’t have to be an expensive affair and you don’t have to be a structural engineer to pull it off. Why not use materials from the forest and old wood you already have lying around. This design is classic and simple, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

19. Climbing Net Tree House

This tree house idea doubles up as an obstacle course. The entrance way is made of rope netting and it may seem like more of a struggle than a ladder but it’s a whole lot more fun!

20. Spiral Staircase Tree House

We love this design. It’s a long way up but well worth the climb. The spiral stair case might take longer to build than the tree house itself but this quirky design will look so unique and brighten up your garden so it’ll be worth the extra work.

21. Tree House with Fun Slide

Build a playground in your own back yard. Not only will your kids have the joy of their own little den to hang out in but they can also make a super quick exit down the slide.

Written by ebdhq

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